Goldsworth Park Local Amenities

July, 2023

Goldsworth Park is a large housing estate located to the north-west of Woking in Surrey, England. It was named after the nearby Goldsworth area, which was a significant 'tithing' of Woking Parish. The tithing of Goldsworth encompassed a considerable portion of the north-western region of Woking, including areas such as Brookwood, Knaphill, and St. John's.

Goldsworth Park itself is a residential development that was built in the 1970s and consists mainly of housing units, including houses, flats, and apartments. The estate is known for its attractive green spaces, including a large central lake known as Goldsworth Park Lake. The lake and surrounding parkland provide recreational amenities for the residents of the estate.

The development of Goldsworth Park aimed to create a self-contained community with its own amenities and facilities. It includes a shopping center known as the Goldsworth Park Centre, which offers a range of shops, restaurants, and other services for the residents. Additionally, there are several schools, community centers, and sports facilities within the estate.

Overall, Goldsworth Park is a thriving residential area that has become an integral part of the wider Woking community, offering a convenient and pleasant place to live with its range of amenities and proximity to surrounding areas like Brookwood, Knaphill, and St. John's.

If you are new to Goldsworth Park, there are many amenities available to the public. Below are some places we would recommend visiting.

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Goldsworth Park Lake

Quackers Café

Goldsworth Park Recreation Ground

Goldsworth Park Shopping Centre

Basingstoke Canal