When looking to choose your local Property Agent wouldn't you like to know what their existing clients and customers think about them?

 We are an Award Winning Estate Agent and Letting Agent specialising in selling and renting residential property in Woking and surrounding areas. At Manners Residential we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer care along with good, honest, no nonsense advice. 

Here are some of our recent reviews... 

" Sarah responded very promptly and dispatched a professional to the property to assist with the pest control issue."

LH - May 2024

"T hank you for all the work in securing the tenants and for completing all the necessary paperwork very efficiently and swiftly.  W e would like to thank Manners for not only securing us tenants in such a short time (vacancy period was under a week ) but also for all the support along the way."

NY - April 2024

" I've been with you guys nearly 20 years now so thanks for the excellent service"

BG - April 2024

"Thanks for everything you have done over the last four years we have rented our property. You are the BEST team"

KL - March 2024

"...Y our team has been hard at work!  Within a week , they marketed and got an offer for our apartment. JamesW and Nick have been most supportive and efficient.  Thank you to both."

NY - February 2024

" Excellent help throughout our tenancy agreement process to move into our home. Always happy to answer our questions and a generally very pleasant team!"

NC - February 2024

" The sign of a great company is when they accept feedback on the chin and address concerns. Have worked with the Manners team for 18 years, and most recently they didn't deliver their normal exceptional service. We told them this and they put their hands up. Every good organisation can have blips yet it's what they do about it which is key to client retention. Their response was to review the situation and make amends. And from this business returned to their normal high levels. In business, client relationships are two-way. By talking, being honest, and then responding positively, less than perfect service can be put right and confidence restored. This is why we choose Manners. They are thorough, professional and almost faultless."

SL - February 2024

" Always quick to respond to queries and gets the job done when we have any issues."

RM - February 2024

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