Stay Cool This Summer

June, 2019

With the UK Summer in full effect and temperatures set to rise, properties are likely to get hotter and hotter inside.

We've compiled a list of our favourite ways to keep your home cool and yourselves cooler through a heatwave!

1) Keep Your Curtains and Blinds Closed

Adopt this during the day as a lot of unwanted heat comes through your windows making your home feel like a mini greenhouse, especially if your windows face south/south-west.

2) Cotton Sheets

Keep away from the satin and silk and opt for the cooler linen and cotton sheets. Light-coloured bed linen made of light fabrics (take Egyptian cotton for example) are breathable so better to sleep in.

INTERESTING FACT:- The Egyptians had it right, in fact, they even had their own method for keeping cool. Known as “The Egyptian Method". They'd dampen a towel or sheet in cool water and use it as a blanket. It may be a good idea to lay the damp sheet on top of a towel first, no one likes a wet bed!

3) Use Your Extractor Fans

You may have them in the kitchen and bathrooms. They will help draw out the warm air during showering or cooking.

4) Cool Yourself Down

Apply a cold cloth to strong-pulsed areas like your neck and wrists, cooling yourself from the inside out is not a bad idea!

TOP TIP:- When out and about searching for a new home always take with you cool water, some sun tan lotion and allow plenty of time to get to your appointments!

5) Reverse a Hot Water Bottle

Half fill a hot water bottle and freeze it. Pop it near your feet to keep you cool at night.

6) Create a Night Breeze

Place a fan near an open window and another elsewhere in the room. These will help push the air around. When the temperature drops outside the fan by the window will draw in cooler air. You could also place a bowl of ice next to the fan so when it melts the cool air will be circulated around the room as well.

There’s many, many other suggestions on the internet on how to cool down your home but these are our favourites and we'll be using them this Summer!